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US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck

About US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck


In the US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck, complete your missions to defend your country! Defending a country is a great responsibility. More significantly, there are several actions that must be followed in order to accomplish all of the essential safeguards. So, get down to work and make sure everything is done correctly!

You will be given a sequence of nine key tasks to do in this game. You must exercise extreme caution when carrying out the directives you were given. However, as cautious as you are, you must also hurry since you have a limited amount of time to perform each of these chores. You'll be in charge of loading and unloading the tanks into the truck, as well as driving the vehicle and dealing with any road concerns that arise. So, on the treacherous roads of these areas, make sure you drive cautiously as well as quickly to avoid falling over the cliffs. Are you prepared to do all of your chores right away and play a vital role in the defense of your country? 


  •  3D realistic graphics
  •  9 levels to complete
  •  Interactive road graphics to drive through
  •  Various objectives at each level

How to play

You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to drive the tanks and the trucks.

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