About Towerland


Towerland is an adventure game where you have to defeat dangerous monsters. Collecting all the useful items which are dropped from the monsters.

Come to the game, your task is to kill the monsters in a tower. Combine reasonably movement and shooting with the arrows and WASD keys. You should avoid the monsters and their energy balls because they can hurt your character. You should move and shoot at the same time for great effect. Look at your lives on the top of the left corner. Every time you get attacked, you lose half of your heart. Don’t forget to collect the diamonds, coins and lives from the dead monsters. 

There are three modes for you to challenge your skills. Let’s try the game and clear all the monsters, even the bosses on the final floor. Bringing the peace to the tower is what should you do now. Good luck! 

Features of Towerland

  • Unlock the modes 
  • Killing the monster
  • Collect the useful items 

Tips for Towerland

  • You can come back to the previous floor to collect the items or hearts when it is necessary 

How to control

  • WASD keys to move
  • Arrows to shoot
  • P to pause

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