About Tekken 3


Tekken 3 is the third game in Namco's popular 3D fighting game series. Tekken 3 was converted from the arcade to the PlayStation using the System 12 board technology. It's an improvement over Namco's System 11 board, which looks almost identical to the PlayStation. The issue was to make a conversion that was compatible with the console's design and technology, which they accomplished.

The fighting techniques in Tekken 3 span from street fighting to elegant antique oriental combat. Each of the more than 20 characters has their own fighting style (Kung Fu, Capoeira), some of which must be mastered before they can be effectively used. You have a choice of ten combatants at start, but as you go through the separate story/arcade modes, you will unlock that person's counterpart. Various entrance and ending cinematic sequences depict their plot. 

Each character, as in previous Tekken games, has a wide range of moves to choose from. Throws (for close combat), punches and jabs, and kicks are among them (both aerial and on the ground). Each fighter's move list may be accessed at any moment via a pause menu to assist players become acquainted to handling the game. 


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Fighting theme.

How to play

  • Enter: Start
  • Shift: Select
  • Arrows: Move
  • X: Cross
  • C: Circle
  • Z: Square
  • S: Triangle

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