About Tecmo Bowl


Tecmo Bowl includes the whole 1991 NFL regular season schedule, in addition to genuine clubs and players.

Each side had a roster of at least twenty players (twenty-one if the kick returner is not a starter) in the previous Tecmo Bowl for the NES, with nine players on offense, nine players on defense, a kicker, and a punter. Each roster in Tecmo Bowl contains thirty distinct players. There are eleven defensive players on each team who cannot be substituted or injured. There are seventeen offensive players on each squad, with eleven starters and six replacements. Each side has eleven players on the field at all times.

The arcade-style football gameplay of Tecmo Bowl is retained, including the ability to break tackles and the absence of penalties. The coin toss, fumbles, five-minute quarters, timeouts to eliminate ten-second runoffs, statistics monitoring, single-season NFL records, extended and editable playbooks with eight instead of four plays, the option to substitute players, and player injuries are among the new features. Cut sequences for major events including as touchdowns, halftime displays, injuries, and huge plays are included in the game.

For each NFL club as well as the two Pro Bowl squads, players can change offensive plays and substitute players. The roster for the Pro Bowl team can be changed. Individual "player cards" containing statistics, qualities, and status may be viewed for offensive, defense, and special-teams players. These can boost or degrade the player's performance, making him or her better or worse. 

How to play

  • Select: Shift
  • Start: Enter
  • Up: Up arrow
  • Down: Down arrow
  • Left: Left arrow
  • Right: Right arrow
  • A: Z key
  • B: X key
  • X: A key
  • Y: S key

However, by selecting the joystick symbol, you may change the playing keys.

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