About Speed Back


Speed Back is an arcade sports game in which you have to take rugby to reach to a touchdown. You have to escape from many defenders on the field. 

If you are a big fan of rugby, you can’t ignore Speed Back. In this game, your main target is to take rugby and run to the touchdown to win the match. You have to face many defenders, so you need to run in different directions. Avoid all opponents and get to the goal without being tackled. You will have three attempts, and you can get an extra attemp if you score three touchdowns. Press the arrow keys to control the player. On the field, you should collect some energy to boost the speed. Moreover, press the A key to stiff arm an approaching defender. Press the 5 key to use your spin move to avoid a tackle. 

In each match, the opponents will change their positions. The next match will be harder than the previous match with more defenders. Use your skills to wriggle away from the defenders and score the touchdown. The game will bring a thrilling feeling for you. Now, the game is availableble on our web for free. Hope you will have a relaxing time! 

Features of Speed Back

  • Take the ball to the touchdown
  • You have three tries
  • Play the game for free
  • Suitable for all ages

How to control

  • The arrows to move the player
  • Press the A key to stiff arm

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