About Slope Run


Slope Run is a running game where you will play as a non-stop ball. You will roll over gaps in a tube at high speed to get a high score or pass the levels.

Welcome to the speed world, where you will move at the max speed. Your background will be in the universe instead of on the land. You must jump from one platform to another platform to avoid falling into the gaps. Use up arrow to jump over and right and left arrows to shift sides. You will shift sides when the distance between the platform is too far. Just find a convenient side to overcome the problems. One tip for you is always to keep the ball in the middle of the platforms. 

You can experience many kinds of difficulties in level mode. Unlock the next level by passing the previous level. You must reach the destination to pass a level. Moreover, you can enjoy many attractive backgrounds in branches which can be unlocked by passing some levels. Besides, you also play an infinite race when clicking on the infinite mode on the main menu. When playing infinite mode, you can see the leaderboard, which shows the top players. Let’s play the game and enjoy it! 

Features of Slope Run

  • Two modes: level mode and infinite mode 
  • Jump from one platform to another platform
  • The ball will roll continuously 

How to control

  • Up arrow for jump
  • Right or left to steer the ball

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