About Return man 2


Return Man 2 is a hard yet entertaining rugby game. You take on the role of a football player in this edition. Your goal is to make it to the yellow circle in time to collect the ball and then run it down the field to the end zone. Doesn't it appear to be simple? So, how about we include a couple defenders and the kicker as well? As you try to maneuver your way past the defenders and around the kicker, the game becomes even more difficult. You will lose a possession if you are tackled and do not make it to the end zone.

How to play

Return Man 2 has a few fundamental controls that players need become familiar with in order to finish and win the game.

  • Press the I key to run forward
  • Press the K key to run backwards
  • Press the J key to run left
  • Press the L key to run right
  • Press the spacebar key to continue playing
  • Press the M key to mute the sound

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