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Penalty Kick Wiz


About Penalty Kick Wiz


Kick as hard as you can in the Penalty Kick Wiz! We are now in the center of a big arena. Due to the match between their two favorite teams, everyone is holding their breath. Are you prepared to play your best game and help your team win?

Despite being a member of the national squad, you just have one goal today. You are supposed to kick for the penalties rather than play a full-contact game. In order to start the game, choose your nation. But with the points you get, you must unlock certain nations. After selecting your side, the penalty session may begin. You and your opponent will trade off. This implies that one round you'll attempt to score a goal, and the next you'll try to catch the ball. When the target point is between the goal posts, try to click on the left click to score a goal. Additionally, click on the aim point at the appropriate moment to prevent your competitor from scoring. Let's see whether your football game can make history! 


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Many countries to choose as a team
  • Countries to unlock
  • Addictive gameplay

How to play

You can click on the aim spot to hit the ball or to save the ball from your rival.

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