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Jump Dunk


About Jump Dunk


In jump Dunk, you'll be leaping a lot, so put your best athletic shoes on! Two of the most enjoyable activities are combined in this game. trampoline jumping and hooping basketball... See if you can handle the two funs!

Basically, this fun skill game involves jumping on several trampolines. Due to the trampolines' natural jumping motion, you must make every effort to find the right height at which to throw the basketballs. The baskets that are visible to your opponents are where you want to smash the ball into most of the time. On a given level, there could be more than one trampoline and more than one bucket in which throw the ball. These buckets may be positioned differently at each level, and in some situations, they may even move. Simply watch the screen until the appropriate moment to click, then aim precisely for the buckets. See if you can finish this slam game's levels faster than your opponent! 


  • Vivid 3D graphics
  • Many levels
  • Distinct systems at every level
  • Level skipping is possible with paid advertisements.

How to play

Toss the balls by precisely clicking on the screen.

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