About Football Masters


It's time to show your rivals that your team is the best in Football Masters. Put on your jersey and shoes, and get ready to take your place on the soccer field. Your fans are pulling for you, so attempt to score as many goals as possible.

With several game modes, the enjoyment and competition in this game never ends. Regardless every game mode, your aim stays the same. To win, you must outscore your opponent before time runs out. Begin the game by picking a game mode from the right side of the main menu. You may play the game alone or against a friend using the 2-player game option. In all game styles, there are tournament and friendly match choices. The score might be shown at the top of the screen. Each match is just 90 seconds long, so try to score as many goals as you can. 


  • Different game modes to play
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 2-player and solo gameplay option
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 19 different national teams to choose from

How to play

In single game mode, use the arrow keys to maneuver around as player 1. To kick the ball, use the X key, and to conduct the super shot, press the Z key. In 2-player mode, player 1 may move around with the WASD keys, super shoot with the V key, and kick the ball with the B key. Player 2 can move around with the arrow keys, super shoot with the K key, and kick the ball with the L key. 

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