About Contra 4


Contra 4 is a shooting action game. You have to eliminate all opponents and reach the finish line to complete the level. Collect bonuses to improve weapons!

Welcome to this thrilling action game where you can enjoy intense shooting battles! If you are a gamer for a long time, it is sure that you are impressed with this shooting game because Contra is one of the most popular games of the 9x generation. 

In this game, you have to exterminate all enemies using weapons. There are various opponents and they appear continuously. In particular, your opponents even run in groups, lie on the ground, appear on high ground, and lie in caves with continuous firing weapons. So dangerous! You have to use your fast reflexes and fighting skills to defeat your opponents before they can touch or shoot down you.

Run, shoot, and kill enemies! Go to the destination to complete a level! Besides, you can improve your weapons by collecting rewards on your ways.

Features of Contra 4

  • Classic and enjoyable action game
  • Various opponents 
  • Fight on different terrains and maps
  • Enhance your weapons with rewards
  • Multilevel

How to control

  • Left and right arrow keys to move
  • Up arrow key to shoot up
  • Down arrow key to lie on the ground
  • S key to shoot
  • X key to jump
  • R to pause
  • Spacebar or Enter to activate the full screen

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