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Basketball Stars


About Basketball Stars


Basketball Stars is a popular game that brings basketball's thrills and excitement to your home. The cheers of the audience keep the team's spirits up. Take to the court and get ready to face your foes. Will you be able to outscore your fervent opponents, or will you be eliminated from the game? The hoop is ready for your dunks!
The freshly polished floor gleams under the bright lights of the basketball court, and the crowd's enthusiastic yells fill the air. Everyone is waiting for you to start the game. To win each match in this competitive game, you must score more points than your opponents. You may play the game by yourself or with a friend. 

How to play: 

You may play basketball with your friends or by yourself in 1v2 and 2v2 games. You can compete with each other as well. Enter tournament mode and compete in the heats to become the greatest basketball player ever. With three-pointers, alley-oops, and other stunning scoring maneuvers, Basketball Stars keeps faithful to the game. To keep your opponent on their toes, dash about and produce spectacular jump shots. In Basketball Stars, pick a combination that will help you win the game. Each player specializes in something different, such as monster dunks, defense, or the fast break. 


  • The arrows indicate where you may move or jump.
  • Block/pump using the down arrow, steal/shoot with the X, and supershot with the Z.

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