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Apple Worm


About Apple Worm


The Apple Worm is now testing every person that plays video games, no matter where they are located in the globe. The purpose of this task is for you to take control of a worm and guide it through a labyrinth in order for it to discover an apple and a gateway out of the maze. The assignment will be considered complete after it has been successfully completed by you. Can you pass all levels?
The vast majority of people have very certainly previously had at least some exposure to snake-like systems in the past. This Apple Worm game was created from the ground up with these concepts firmly planted in our minds from the very start. You have been given the responsibility of finding a worm that got lost in a labyrinth and rescuing it. You have to figure out a means to bring him to a secure location. As soon as you enter the game for the first time, you will be made aware of a portal that leads into the gaming world. On the other hand, in order for you to go to that portal, you are going to have to spend a significant amount of time journeying there.

To begin, it would seem that the worm you have is suffering from a severe deficiency of the necessary nutrients. While we are now stuck in this complicated labyrinth, why don't we eat an apple together and see where it leads us? Apple consumption is another another component that adds to the overall success of your escape attempt. Your worm will get much larger as a direct result of eating the apple, which will result in a rise in the total size of the worm. The next step, which is required in order to reach the new location, is for him to bend his lengthy body in the direction of the new location. It's not easy to bite into an apple without losing your balance or having your teeth caught in the fruit's peel. Every action you take while playing Apple Worm demands considerable consideration and prior preparation on your behalf. In the case that this does place, you will be required to start the level again from the very beginning. There is no need for you to feel threatened since the game allows you the flexibility to participate at any time that is convenient for you. You will get a certain amount of experience points that are proportional to the number of times that you successfully finish a certain level. With all of this information at your disposal, you should be able to devise a cunning plan that will allow you to complete the level successfully.

How to play

To control the movement of your worm, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys.

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