About American Touchdown


American Touchdown is a fun sports game where you have to take rugby to reach a touchdown. Who gains 3 points first will be the final winner.

If you are a big fan of American Touchdown, the game is for you. With easy gameplay and simple graphics, your mission is to get three points before your opponent. The game has 2 modes, including 1 player and 2 player modes. Therefore, you can play single against the CPU in 1 player mode while you can have fun with your friend in 2 player mode. You will be opponents and defeat together. Player 1 should use A and D to move right or left, and W to throw the ball. Player 2 should use the left and right arrow keys to move right or left, and the UP arrow key to throw the ball. When your opponent has the ball, let's steal it by coming close to him and touching the ball to take. 

When playing the game, you shouldn’t let your opponent control the ball for a long time. The distance between the characters to the touchdown is very short. Therefore, you need to use both defensive and offensive to get the victory. Good luck! 

Features of American Touchdown

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Take the ball to the touchdown
  • 2 modes to play
  • Suitable for all ages

How to control

  • Player 1: A/D to move, W to throw the ball
  • Player 2: left and right arrows to move, up arrow to throw the ball

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