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Retro Bowl


About Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is an exciting Gridiron football game with retro style. Build and customize your team's strategy to get more victory and be the boss of the NFL.

Play rugby sport with retro graphics in Retro Bowl now! This game was developed by New Star Games Ltd and released on Poki in 2020. You can have a relaxing time when taking part in the league. Are you confident to defeat all pro rugby teams and get the champion? You have to estimate and control the mouse suitably to lead the ball and reach the touchdown. Only capable players can overcome the difficulties in this game. Are you a capable player? 

The player’s role in Retro Bowl

Your mission is to take your group past the grade to the ultimate prize. Basically, you are the owner of a football team that you must manage. Every season, you can draft players and sign new players or coaches. You're in charge of the team's morale, fan support, and the game's currency. That may appear not very easy, but it isn't. During games, it replicates defence, but you play as the quarterback on offence, and you have some influence over who you toss the ball to. Except for the occasional pop-up promoting their other game, there are no advertisements.

With the use of free agency, you may quickly enhance or rebuild your club according to your preferences. You may also change each player's name, jersey, or location! The unlimited possibilities for customizing your team and strategy ensure that the game never becomes monotonous or dull.

Features of Retro Bowl

  • Retro graphics
  • Balance of control and auto-play
  • Can be played online and offline
  • Can be played using your mobile device
  • Platforms: Available on the web browser and App on mobile devices.

How to play Retro Bowl

First of all, you need to throw the ball to your teammate. Click and drag in the opposite direction of the running receiver to aim, then release to throw. When your teammate catches the ball, the quarterback will drop back with the ball slightly. 

At the start of each play, you can hand the ball off your Running Back by clicking on the blue circle. Use W or S while running to perform a slide step. You can also run with the quarterback. You do this by attempting to throw the ball backwards. Once he is running, use A or D to slow up or dive. 

Finally, kicking. Two well-timed clicks and the ball will fly through the uprights Set the power as high as you can then aim down the centre of the field. Remember, the goal posts are the same width as the marks on the field. You can use the faint triangle on the ground as a guide.

If you think this game is too complicated, you will be introduced at the beginning. Therefore, don’t too worry. Good luck!

How to control

  • Left click then drag and aim a throw.
  • A,W,S,D to dodge and dive.
  • Click on the blue circle under the player to move up and down.

This game was developed by New Star Games Ltd and released on Poki in 2020.

Platforms: Available on web browser and App on mobile device.

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