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3D Baseball


About 3D Baseball


3D Baseball is an intriguing sports game in which you have to play baseball battles with realistic rules. Try a new way to play baseball and enjoy it!

This game is a realistic simulation of baseball. Therefore, the rules will be similar to the actual rules of baseball. 

Each match will have 9 innings. At the end of 9 innings, the team with the most points or the higher number of home-goers wins.

Baseball is played on a turn basis, at each turn, the two teams will take turns as the offensive team and the defensive team.

In terms of the defending team, the Pitcher on the mound in the middle will throw the ball back to the Catcher at home. Meanwhile, the other players will be divided into other positions such as base 1, base 2, base 3, shortstop (position in the middle of the golf course), center field (far midfield), right field (far right), left field (far left side ).

In terms of the offensive team, they will take turns sending Batters (hitters) to hit. Each Batter will be out after 3 Strikeouts. After 3 Batters are eliminated, the 2 teams will change sides. The attacking team will become the defensive team, the defending team will attack again. After changing turns defending and attacking will end 1 inning. If the batter hits the ball and runs to the goal, he will be called a runner. The runner's task is to wait for the ball to be hit by the next Batter to run to the next golf course to score points.

In this game, you have to control a team to participate in baseball matches. Press the X key to hit or throw the ball.

Features of 3D Baseball

  • Classic graphics and effects
  • Exciting baseball simulation game

How to control

  • Use X key to play the game

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